Abbreviations used

Auction houses and stamp dealers

AR    Arthur Ryan
BA    Buttingford Auctions
BEHR    Behr (Paris)
BOL    Alberto Bolaffi (Turin)
BPA    Bournemouth Philatelic Auctions
CAV    Cavendish Philatelic Auctions
COR    Corbitts Stamps Ltd
CPH    Corinphila
CHR    Christie’s Robson Lowe (1984–96)
DEI    Deider (Munich)
DF    David Feldman
DNW    Dix, Noonan & Webb
DS    David and Lori Spragg
EMB    Embassy Philatelists
EP    Eric Paul Ltd
FOX    John A. Fox (New York)
FS    D. Forbes-Smith
GBPA    Great Britain Postal Auctions, Winchester
GC    Guido Craveri Harmers Auctions
GRO    Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions
HAR    Harmers Auctions
HB    H & B Philatelists Ltd
HOB    Hobbyphilatelie (Germany)
HOI    Thomas Høiland (Denmark)
HR    Harmer Rooke
HRH    H. R. Harmer, Inc. (New York)
IM    Ivy & Mader Philatelic Auctions Inc.
KEP    Kephila (Denmark)
KOH    Heinrich Köhler
KS    Kurt Sander AG (Zurich)
LEA    W. E. Lea
MB    Mark Bloxham
MC    Michael Chipperfield
MERC    Mercurphila (Frankfurt)
MOH    Edgar Mohrmann (Hamburg)
MS    Malcolm Sprei
MW    MacDonnell Whyte Ltd, Dublin
P    Phillips Auctions
PLUM    Plumridge & Co.
PT    Peter Tarquin (1840) Ltd
R    Roumet (Paris)
RIG    Rigby Postal History
RL    Robson Lowe Auctions (to end 1983)
RLPH    Robson Lowe Postal History
RS    Robert Siegel (New York)
S    Sotheby’s
SA    Simon Andrews
SG    Stanley Gibbons Auctions
SH    Shanahan
SHR    Shreves Philatelic Galleries (Dallas)
SJR    Schuyler J. Rumsey (San Francisco)
SL    Soler y Llach
SP    Spink (from beginning 1997)
SW    Stephen Walter
TBA    Temple Bar Auctions
TSS    Trust Stamp Service & Deja vu Antiques
VES    Vessey Auctions
WAR    Warwick and Warwick
WA    Western Auctions
WEL    Stephan Welz & Co. (Johannesburg)
WING    H. E. Wingfield & Co.
WPB    W. P. Bird

Museum collections

BL    British Library
NPM    National Postal Museum


b.s.    backstamp
d.s.    datestamp
c.d.s.    circular datestamp
est.    estimate
h.s.    handstamp
Lett.    Lettering
MC    Maltese Cross
p.t.    private treaty
Pl.    Plate
p.o.r.    price on request
s.l.    straight line
u.d.c.    undated circular handstamp


£    UK pound
$    US dollar
A$    Australian dollar
DM    Deutschmark
FF    French franc
Kr    Danish krone
R    South African rand
SFr    Swiss franc
Pts    Pesetas

Prices in brackets are realisations (for guidance only and may or may not include any premiums). Estimates are preceded by ‘est.’.

† alongside the plate number indicates the plating has been checked by the author

Where sales are spread over several days only the first date is given.